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Prescription Refills

We prefer that all refill requests for medications be made through the nurse/advice line or a voicemail box at extension 150.  Many prescription refills can also be requested directly through your pharmacy.  If there are no refills remaining, they can fax an authorization request to our office.  Either way, your child’s chart will be reviewed to see if a refill is appropriate.  We do not refill medications that were prescribed by another physician’s office such as a subspecialist; please contact them directly.  We also do not refill routine/non-emergency medications after hours as we have no access to your child’s medical records when the office is closed. We require 48 hours notice for prescription refills, and there must be a current physical exam on file within the past calendar year.  Once prescription refill requests are completed, families will be notified via the method of their choice - text, email, and/or voicemail messages.  

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