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Our office is pleased to be able to offer Covid-19 PCR testing to asymptomatic parents of existing patients of the practice, as long as we continue to have adequate supplies available for our patients' needs.  All testing, for both patients and parents, is done by appointment only.

Parents who are exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19 or are otherwise acutely ill should consult with their primary care physician rather than being tested at Bethesda Pediatrics.  Symptoms of Covid-19 can include, but are not limited to: fever, chills, cough or congestion, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell, headache, sore throat, and fatigue.  Covid-19 Rapid Antigen testing is not being offered to parents as its results are only reliable in symptomatic individuals.

All laboratory services will be billed accordingly to participating insurance plans or collected at the time of service for out-of-network plans. Fees for the Covid-19 PCR test include a $40 minimal service laboratory fee and a $40 specimen collection fee.  Diatherix laboratory will bill your insurance independently for the cost of the PCR test separately.  Parents are financially responsible for any fees denied or not covered by your insurance plan.


Results will be provided by the laboratory staff directly to the parent.  The physicians of Bethesda Pediatrics cannot provide any medical guidance to parents regarding their results or their healthcare. All questions and concerns should be directed to the parent’s primary care physician.

Parents are required to sign this waiver prior to specimen collection.  For your convenience, please download and complete one for each adult in advance of your appointment.  Pediatric patients who are tested during an office visit do not need to complete this waiver.

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