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Laboratory Services

We have a small CLIA certified lab on site and can perform many useful diagnostic tests for our patients such as rapid Covid tests, rapid Strep tests and throat cultures, rapid mono and influenza screens, urinalysis, cholesterol screens, and complete blood counts.  We also have the ability to collect blood, urine and stool specimens for send out to the appropriate off-site laboratory used by your insurance company.  We are limited by certain insurance plans in performing venipuncture blood samples.  In these circumstances we can provide you with the necessary forms to have blood samples collected at an outside lab.  Blood drawing is by appointment only and encouraged during non-peak hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Lastly we do not draw blood samples requested by subspecialists so as to ensure that the appropriate tests are performed and the specialists are the ones receiving and interpreting the lab results for you.

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