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Updated Walk-In Sick Visit Policy

May 5, 2017 by admin  
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We are glad that so many of our patients are utilizing the walk-in hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings from 7:30am-8:20am! In an attempt to minimize confusion, keep wait times to a minimum, and provide the best service possible, please note that walk-in times are for acute illness or symptoms that have started within the last few days.

Unfortunately, there are some situations that require more extensive evaluation and extended time with a physician, and are therefore not eligible for the walk-in times. These include concussion/head injuries, chronic conditions (back pain, headaches, etc.), recurring illnesses that have previously been treated, rechecks/follow-ups, illness or issues that have previously been evaluated by a medical professional (either at our office, the Emergency Department, or Urgent Care), or any concern that has been going on for more than a week. If any of the above describe your child’s situation, or if your child is a new patient, please call our office to schedule an appointment. Any patients walking in for concerns that require extended time, or arriving after 8:20am, will be given the first available appointment after 9am. Due to overwhelming demand, and out of respect for our patients’ time, we are unfortunately unable to make any exceptions to this policy.

If you ever have a question about whether walking in is the best option for your child’s unique situation, please call the office during regular business hours and speak to the front desk.


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